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AUTO-FERTIGATION system with sensor-based farming supports Site Specific nutrients Management (SSNM).

It’s a long-ago adopted by various countries like US, Canada, Israel, Europe etc. It is a systematic approach for precision agriculture which can provide best opportunity for sustainable development. Our fertigation system provides automation and precision regulation of nutrients input supply with continuous monitoring and regulation of EC, pH. Its trusted technology for automation in Greenhouse as well as for open field farming

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AUTO-FERTIGATION with micro/ drip irrigation increases the overall productivity which ultimately increases the grower’s profit.

Use of AUTO-FERTIGATION system with Micro-irrigation/ drip irrigation makes the irrigation efficiency 95%, which proves best water management technique for greenhouse and open field farming. Input supply of various nutrients as per crop specific requirements gives improved quality of crops as well as reduced cost of input fertilizers


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We have well experienced team of Project Managers and Engineers for project planning, estimations, execution and project management.

We are associate business partner with Canadian company, Climate Control System Inc, Canada; which has been manufacturing fertigation systems since 1985. We are also dealer for the products like CLIMATE MANAGER, FERTIGATION MANAGER and CO2 control systems with complete software and sensors for greenhouse and open field growers in India.

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We take-up turnkey projects for hydroponic greenhouse with own specific design features, technical installations, and equipment.
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We prepare DPRs & provide design & consultancy for Project for a naturally cooled Greenhouse and more
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In true sense, greenhouse automation means AUTO-CLIMATE for maintaining crop specific greenhouse
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Computer Controlled & Programmable System

► Touch screen Computer controlled & programmable system for different crop requirements<br>
► Direct detection of N,P,K (THREE IN ONE) sensors from soil using wireless transmission<br>
► Software program to inject liquid fertilizers directly in to pressurized water line proportionate to water flow<br>
► Irrigation programs can self-start at pre-set time or root zone moisture level<br>
► Equipped with flow meter and sensors for monitoring EC and pH <br>
► Capable to meet out various possible combinations of N+K+P and other micronutrients demands for various plant stages for different crops and vegetables.<br>
► IoT technology and sensors applications.
Stage: Prototype

N,P,K (3 in 1) Sensors ​

The soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensor being used in AUTO-FERTIGATION system is suitable for direct detection of content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil. It can be useful for determination of soil fertility, thereby facilitating the evaluation of the soil condition. It can be widely used for rice fields, greenhouse cultivation, fruits and vegetables, floriculture and open field farming and for Research & Developmental Projects in agriculture universities and other apex institutions.
Range: 0-1999 mg/kg Accuracy: ±2% Resolution: 1 mg/kg Working Temp: 5-45 °C Humidity: 5-95% RH Power supply: 12V-24V DC Communication Port: RS485 Connect to PLC with 485 interfaces.
Stage: Prototype

Control with Software Program

AUTO-FERTIGATION incorporates advanced German Technology for Smart Wireless Sensors, creating IoT platform for sensor data exchange and integration. The system can support 64 wireless sensors for each station. It consumes extremely low power with current range 4-20 mA and voltage 0-5 V. It is most suitable for recording and analysis of temperature and humidity in greenhouse or open agriculture farm where cabling is difficult or impossible. Wireless sensor sends real time data through radio wave to Base Station. Base Station collects the measurement of all wireless sensors, and upload to central micro- processor unit. Range for wireless transmission up to 1200 meters. Alert alarm for high/ low temperature and humidity.
Stage: Prototype

Self Irrigation Program

AUTO-FERTIGATION system is equipped with software program to control various fertilizer injection pumps nutrient supply as per crop specific requirements. The pre-set irrigation programs can be started by pre-set time, solar level start point, or low soil water content. The irrigation program allows to grower to schedule the irrigation supply based on time interval and accumulated solar conditions. Option is also available to set individually the valve timing rather than using default settings.


New Fertigation Systems

AUTO-FERTIGATION system can constantly monitor target EC and pH pre-set for crop specific requirements.
Fertilizer supply beyond the EC range will causes the soil infertility. Thus, EC and pH control with balanced supply of plant nutrients in the right proportion is required so that focus can be on efficient uptake of nutrients by the plants. Without monitoring EC for soil danger for topsoil degradation always exists. Once the topsoil damage has been done there is very little or no possibility for restoring it. Loss of topsoil is one of the worst soil degradations which can be avoided with constant monitoring of soil EC and pH.

Equipped with IoT Technology

AUTO-FERTIGATION system uses IoT technology for supply of nutrients as per sensor signals for direct detection of N, P, K using GSM 3G/4G mobile network and data uploading using 3G/4G industrial router. Today, a driving force behind increased agricultural production at a lower cost is the Internet of Things (IoT), which leaves the door wide open for engineers looking to bring a smart farming solution or IoT agricultural sensor to market. We are incorporating IoT technology in our prototypes for development of smart farming methods


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