Greenhouse Enviromental Control Computers
Greenhouse Ozone Water Treatment Systems

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Greenhouse design and automation

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E MOBILITY for supporting the National Mission


Vertical Gardening

Smart way of Grwing Climbers in a desired way

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"Nurturing mother earth ensuring environmental sustainability by promoting green technology."


Greenhouse automation and technology development for commercial horticulture farms

To promote E- Mobility in India

To assist farmers for development of fruit crops, vegetable crops and aroma crops with climate management and fertigation systems

Training and skill development for protected cultivation


AUTOGREEN SYSTEMS PVT LTD is working for ‘automation of greens’ and for developing business in horticulture and energy sector. We do research and development for upbringing cost-effective and world-class technology in the field of greenhouse farming and soilless farming in India and abroad. The company is being managed by the group of technocrats and managers from premier institutes like MNIT JAIPUR, and IIM INDORE.  

AUTOGREEN SYSTEMS PVT LTD is taking horticulture projects for new design and development of a world-class Fertigation System having programmable and accurate flow regulation with IoT based applications for Indian farmers. To promote greenhouse and hydroponics in India; there is a requirement for the indignation of world-class technology for fertigation systems. Existing venturi type fertigation systems in the Indian market are having own limitations and automation to a larger extent is also very much useful. We are working for the design and development of world-class technology for energy efficient fertigation systems for the Indian market. In Indian domestic market, the requirement for new fertigation system enabling IoT based technology for Indian horticulture and agriculture sector is constantly being felt and we are taking this opportunity for design and development of new fertigation systems for Greenhouses, HYDROPONICS and soilless farming systems in India. 

As a startup company, we are taking projects from industry partners as an incubator for new technology and development of new products in the field of ‘E-Mobility’ like Smart Energy Management System and Electric Vehicle Charger technology. We are also planning and executing Trunkey Projects for EV Charging Stations.

AUTOGREEN SYSTEMS PVT LTD is working with world-class technology in the field of Greenhouse Automation and Climate Management for protected cultivation as an associate business partner to Climate Control System, Inc, Canada. We are doing complete planning, design, and execution of projects for automation of greenhouse and fertigation systems. We are dealing with various sensors for temperature controls, humidity controls, pH sensors, EC sensors, flow meters etc.

Alternate Methodology to Sustain our Startup:

 “AUTOGREEN SYSTEMS” has the plan to develop other methods for revenue generation as below;

             (i)  Startup company as technology incubators for industrial partners

             (ii) Plants Nursery Business 

             (iii) Training and skill development for farmers and growers in the field of Greenhouse

Market Potential for Greenhouse Farming in India:

During 1995, India was having only 100 ha total area under greenhouse cultivation which increased to 5730 ha by 2012 and presently due to various initiatives by Govt of India and subsidy schemes by National Horticulture Board total area under greenhouse cultivation has drastically increased. Due to the increase in vegetable, fruits and floriculture industry in India during the last 05 years 200% increase in greenhouse cultivated area is found in India. 

Potential Expansion Plan:

AUTOGREEN SYSTEMS” has got confidence on team members and capabilities of associate business partners and our parent organizations like MNIT, Jaipur and IIM Indore that the indigenization of fertigation technology can be made, and a world-class technology can be developed in India at very low cost. After the design and development of fertigation technology, manufacturing facilities to be created with support of government under various schemes and women entrepreneur empowerment program.